DDB Argentina dramatises VW’s ‘Park Assist’ with supermarket car park showdown

One of the thing’s that’s really going to make a difference to motoring is ‘park assist’ in its various forms (in a year or two’s time you’re really not going to want a car without it) and DDB Argentina has made a good fist of showing what VW’s version on the Tiguan can do.

Copywriter was Francisco Gigy Traynor and the art director Augustin Ballerio.

VW’s advertising around the world, mostly though not exclusively through DDB, is astonishingly consistent, certainly in comparison to some other car companies that lurch all over the place. It must surely have played a pivotal role in driving VW to its current status as world’s biggest auto company as the actual VW cars are not that exciting, although engineered to the hilt for their various market positions.

The company’s (and DDB’s) attention to detail is equally noteworthy. DDB London has just produced a campaign, ‘Famous napkin scribbles,’ featuring film-related doodles, like Jaws without the music (below), on the napkins on offer in independent UK cinema foyers (going to the cinema seems to be as much an eating experience these days).

It’s all part of VW’s ‘See film differently’ campaign and also features other famous films such as King Kong, Star Wars and Notting Hill. The doodles are courtesy of students at the London School of Fashion.

Volkswagen UK’s marketing communications manager Natalie Lamont calls it “a labour of love for the team at DDB.” Indeed.

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