Churchill bulldog cedes centre stage to in-demand actor Martin Clunes

Actor Martin Clunes has travelled a long way since he first occupied centre stage in the iconic sitcom ‘Men Behaving Badly.’ These days he’s usually behaving distressingly well as ITV’s ‘Doc Martin’ among other characters.

So RBS-owned Churchill Insurance has signed him up to whizz around the UK dispensing good works with Churchill the dog, formerly the hero of a number of rather annoying campaigns by WCRS, consigned to a spear carrier’s role.

Presumably this means that comedian Bob Mortimer will no longer receive his generous stipend (estimated in the hundreds of thousands of pounds a year) for saying ‘Oh Yuss.’ But the sainted Clunes won’t come cheap.

Churchill’s new marketing director Amanda Walker says Clunes has been hired to bring some “humanity” to the ads, although that was presumably the point of Churchill, even though he’s a dog. This won’t be troubling the scorers in our best ads of 2011, alas.

But you never get fired for hiring Martin Clunes.

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