Best ads of 2011: Another tale of Coke and Pepsi

It’s a rivalry that seems as old as the hills now and, in ad terms, Coca-Cola always seems to win although Pepsico, despite its problems with fizzy drinks, is now actually a rather bigger company thanks to things like Doritos.

In 2011 Coke produced a series of accomplished ‘Happiness Factory’ ads, including this one from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, with animation wizards Pysop.

A tour de force without a doubt, although it’s always a bit easier with animation. It’s a bit like watching Shrek 3, it’s not that exciting a prospect but you have to concede it’s brilliant.

Pepsi’s advertising, in contrast, has been all over the place and its brand share has suffered accordingly. But we really like this ad, ‘Numbers,’ from M&V Valencia.

You almost never see ‘real people’ depicted at all convincingly in ads, let alone for fizzy drinks. So, along with Coke, this is another of our best ads of 2011.

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