Trevor Beattie’s BMB joins the media business with Goodstuff and says India is a much better place to expand than the US

The best you can say about famous UK creative Trevor Beattie’s agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay is that it’s been a moderate success: it’s still here and it sold a 49 per cent stake to South Korea-based holding company Cheil in 2008 (Cheil surprised everybody by winning a place on General Motors’ global creative Chevrolet pitch list a couple of weeks ago).

Undaunted, the agency has just signed a deal with Omnicom-owned UK mini-media independent Goodstuff, called BMB Media, to look after smaller clients and announced that, following the closure of its office in New York, it’s determined to expand in India which, although smaller, is growing faster.

BMB partner Andrew McGuinness says: “BMB Media will be right for medium-sized clients who are lost within existing media agencies and who don’t have the time to manage two separate entities. They will have the benefits of Omnicom’s size, and the benefit of fewer points of contact.”

Regarding leaving the US and expanding in India he says: “It was taking a lot of energy to get going in such a low-growth market (the US), compared to the traction we have in India, where the ad market is growing at 14 per cent this year. It’s easier to make your way as a newbie in higher-growth markets, although there are other problems, like the 20 per cent wage inflation in India because of the dearth of talent.”

BMB has offices in New Delhi and Mumbai via a joint venture BMB Madison with local agency Madison World.

BMB Media launches with two BMB clients, Pretty Polly hosiery, and Pussy Drinks, an energy drink that boasts Richard Branson’s son and daughter, Sam and Holly, as investors. BMB also took an equity stake when it won the Pussy Drinks ad account earlier this year.

BMB really needs to get its mitts on some Samsung business if it’s going to achieve its global ambitions (Samsung owns 15 per cent of Cheil) and be the overseas ambassador Cheil clearly wants it to be.

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