This time Wieden+Kennedy turns to America’s Kipling for Chrysler 300 Detroit epic

Detroit poet Edgar Albert Guest, in fact, who wrote ‘See it through’ in 1917 to inspire fortitude among Americans as their ‘doughboys’ entered the First World War on the side of Britain and France.

A bit of fortitude doesn’t go amiss in Detroit these days either so Wieden+Kennedy Portland has chosen Guest’s patriotic poem for its latest ad for the flagship Chrysler 300.

And the music’s just as important as any other element in blockbuster ads these days and you can’t do much better than Muddy Waters’ ‘Mannish Boy.’

Eagle-eyed Adweek has spotted that Guest’s Kipling-esque verse also features in a new film about Detroit from Boat Magazine (a bi-annual featuring new writers, not boats).

Boat says there’s no way either party could have known about the other’s efforts, rather sportingly.

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