SapientNitro scores self-promo video own goal

Go-getting digital agency SapientNitro put this promotional ‘Idea engineer’ video on its Facebook page – and promptly took it down after it attracted a volley of rude comments. And then took down the rude comments too.

The agency has subsequently apologised for leaving its brand ‘unattended,’ seeking to draw a comparison with its sterling work for clients presumably.

Actually it’s not that bad but attempting to demonstrate your spontaneous enthusiasm and creativity in the service of your employer is usually a bad idea. And hardly a case of leaving your brand ‘unattended.’ Too attended more like.

On the plus side the agency has clearly managed to assemble a formidable hand of tuneful totty.

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    “Tuneful totty?”

    What is this, 1965? I thought the whole “overt cheeky sexist commentary” thing was out of favour these days — even moreso than overly enthusiastic music videos.