Make me a better website Beyonce tells agencies – and you’ve got 48 hours to do it!

And to those of you who the only thing you’re likely to get out of an ad agency in 48 hours is an invoice – you’re right.

But according to Ad Age pop and soul diva Beyonce Knowles is talking (maybe even in person) to Madison Avenue ad agencies about revamping her website, which she hates apparently.

She wants it to be more ‘newsy,’ capable of being updated twice a day and more suitable, doubtless, for plugging her various commercial ventures which include a mega-deal with L’Oreal and her own various clothing and cosmetics ventures.

As for the demand that it be finished in 48 hours, that’s probably just a bit of ‘we’re big time’ nonsense from her ‘people.’

Clients are (nearly) always difficult and they seem to think that anything on the internet can be fixed by pushing a key or two on the nearest Mac. Having said that, websites do seem to take an inordinate amount of time so maybe the 48 hours is just a marker. Maybe they mean 48 days.

Beyonce, who’s expecting a child with husband and rapper Jay-Z, may be worried that she’s not quite as cool as she used to be. US show business tends to take over its most valuable properties so they come out of the process bigger but certainly not better.

This is Beyonce appearing with Prince at the 2004 Grammy Awards, a turn they repeated at the 2007 Super Bowl (withdrawn by those meanies at Universal Music).

A creaky film but good or what?

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