Lynx’s Lucy Pinder says ‘sorry’ for banned porny internet films

Lynx’s online campaign featuring glamour model Lucy Pinder was one of the own goals of the year, being (belatedly) banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority.

So now Lucy is appearing in a new film saying ‘sorry’ as she ruefully chucks away all the props, including skimpy costumes, used in the films.

When we reported the ban we observed that this campaign was not what you would expect to come from tastemeisters Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Lynx’s official agency, at all. It wasn’t and it didn’t.

It actually came from veteran direct marketing agency Tullo Marshall Warren, now part of Don Elgie’s Creston marcoms group.

TMW made the above film too. Whether it gets any more work from Lynx must be open to debate.

But Lynx marketers have questions to answer too. One being: when you have one of the world’s best creative agencies on your books why on earth give an online film campaign to a direct marketing outfit?

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