Life’s for sharing – a Mariah Carey hologram concert from T-Mobile and Saatchi Poland

A while ago we wrote that nobody seemed to be able to come up with a decent mobile campaign but maybe that was unfair on Saatchi & Saatchi and its ‘Life’s for sharing’ campaign for Deutsche Telecom’s T-Mobile brand.

Last week it produced a live ‘hologram’ concert in several European countries featuring American diva Mariah Carey, which sounded as though it should be an ad but was actually an ‘experiential’, er, experience.

Anyway here’s the version that you might be seeing as an ad.

Jason Romeyko, Saatchi’s ECD for Deutsche was the brains behind it and it was produced out of the agency’s Poland office, where this film comes from.

Where do they get those girls from? Poland, obviously…

Mariah’s not my cup of schnapps but this is a clever effort that clearly plays well in places where they aren’t quite as cynical about Christmas as some us are (sadly no doubt).

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