Is Unilever planning to drop the Lynx brand name to have Axe everywhere?

Well that’s what it sounds like as the ‘new’ variant for Lynx (known as Axe everywhere in the world apart from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, the UK and, for some reason, China) is called Lynx 2012 – The Final Edition.

This hardly trips off the tongue so maybe it means something (although Unilever isn’t saying).

The ‘launch’ campaign is by Ponce in Beunos Aires on the Noah’s Ark theme (which fits with the imminent demise of Lynx, if such is planned).

It’s been adapted for Europe by usual Axe/Lynx agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (bet they loved that).

Running two international brands for the same product must be expensive for Unilever so it would be no surprise if Lynx is consigned to the old brands graveyard.

Inter alia, this BBH’ for Lynx Excite on the ‘Even angels with fall’ theme has been banned in South Africa after the authorities received just one complaint from a disgruntled Christian.

He (or she) was probably just fed up that South Africa lost to Australia in the rugby.

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    This is yet another in the Lynx portfolio of adverts portraying young women as zombie like sex objects. The sexism isn’t ironic, discrimination isn’t funny and it’s about time Unilever started behaving as a responsible company in how it grooms young men into thinking about young women at such an impressionable age. They may also be interested that a number of women on various human rights websites are vetoing buying their boyfriends or sons Lynx for it’s continued, unabashed sexism.