Is Marks & Spencer’s X Factor Christmas extravaganza any better than Twiggy & Co?

Well it’s different anyway and maybe that was the point, Twiggy and the gals (and occasional boy) who have fronted Marks & Spencer’s Christmas advertising for what seems like decades are probably past by their sell-by date.

And if all your TV money is going into expensive spots on ITV’s X Factor talent show it’s quite smart to sign up the 16 finalists to appear in your ad. Preaching to the converted, you might say.

M&S marketing director Steve Sharp modestly avers that this a step forwards in M&S’s ‘almost legendary’ advertising.

Here’s last year’s effort.

Sharp’s probably right (to drop the old team, that is).

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    Check Twitter…this ad has gone down like a lead balloon

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    Though I am personally not convinced by the fit between M&S and X Factor I can see why it seemed like a good idea at the time. Especially in the run up to Xmas it can capture the imagination and people get involved.
    What no one could have predicted is how dire the contestants are this year.