Is this the Sainsbury’s or Jamie Oliver Christmas ad show? Or maybe it’s George Formby’s..

London’s creatives are certainly delving through the musical archives these days and now AMV/BBDO has produced George Formby’s ‘Happy go lucky me’ out of the attic for its final Sainsbury’s ad with superstar cook Jamie Oliver.

This follows hard on the heels of BBH’s operetta excavation for Audi Avant and Adam & Eve’s resurrection of a Smiths B-side for John Lewis and numerous other ingenious bits of discography.

But is this panto adventure about Sainsbury’s or Jamie Oliver? I suppose that, after ten years of him, he’s synonymous with Sainsbury’s anyway and they may as well go out on a jolly, not to say self-congratulatory note.

Formby was a Lancastrian song and dance man cum comedian (and something of a boulevardier despite his goofy looks) who made numerous films from the 1930s onwards. I think this was his last record, made in 1960.

Good tune, good tune, as his near-contemporary Strictly Come Dancing’s Bruce Forsyth might put it.

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