Does John Lewis Christmas online success show that heart beats Hollywood?

John Lewis marketing director Craig Lidstone will be feeling pretty pleased with himself (and agency Adam & Eve) as his new ad, which aired on Saturday’s X Factor, sweeps all before it on Twitter and YouTube.

Which makes the probable £100,00 plus the employee-owned retailer shelled out to run the long version of the ad look like a bargain.

Just as interesting is the growing perception that JL’s emotional fest featuring a young boy who can’t wait to Christmas so he can give his parents a present works better than more Marks & Spencer’s more conventional effort from RKCR/Y&R which features X Factor contestants.

Well you be the judge, as they say.

Euro RSCG London CEO Russ Lidstone summed it up rather well well he told the Financial Times that “heart beats Hollywood.”

The new metric for such extravaganzas seems to be YouTube views. Currently Adam & Eve is ahead of its old alma mater by roughly eight to one, heading for one million.

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