Campaign editorial boss Dominic Mills is out as new HBM boss Jane Macken chases margins

Who’d be a print boss we asked last week as Stevie Spring departed Future Publishing and the same thought must be occurring to a few people at Haymarket Media, publisher of Campaign and Brand Republic.

New boss of Haymarket Business Media Jane Macken is slashing away at the cost base – in search of that desirable ‘flatter structure’ – and so Dominic Mills, former editor of Campaign and latterly editorial director of the whole HBM shebang, is on his way after 20 years.

He follows hard on the heels of Rachel Stilwell, publishing director of global marcoms website Brand Republic, who left earlier this month after 17 years.

The hard facts are that magazine-based media businesses are getting smaller and some of them, HBM amongst them it would seem, are concentrating on fewer customers delivering more revenue. Macken, a former ad sales exec at Campaign, says she wants to concentrate on paid-for editorial products and what we used to call conferences and exhibitions.

In such a world there clearly wasn’t a place for Mills who actually did a very good job as editorial director. He joined Campaign from Reuters in 1991 and, despite some scepticism from the hacks, did well to settle the title down after a period of self-induced upheavals.

As the Haymarket empire expanded all over the place so did his job. But then the company realised that business magazines were being stuffed by the internet and globe-trotting editorial directors were something of a luxury. The jury is still out on whether Brand Republic’s recent move behind a pretty high paywall actually pays off. Readers go, does the subscription money make up for it?

As for Macken she’s done pretty well to hang in at Haymarket for 23 years. The company now is wholly controlled by the Heseltine family (Lord Heseltine is group chairman, son Rupert is executive chairman with another Haymarket semi-lifer Kevin Costello as CEO).

Costello comes from the consumer side, What Car? and so on. Macken’s far from easy task is to demonstrate that there’s a business model that can deliver for the company’s important business titles: Campaign, Marketing, Management Today and website Brand Republic.

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Stephen is a former editor of Marketing Week and London Evening Standard advertising columnist. He wrote City Republic for Brand Republic and is a partner in communications consultancy The Editorial Partnership.