VW Canada tries augmented reality posters for new Beetle launch campaign

We’ve wondered aloud here about the point of the new Volkswagen Beetle, which can be seen more as an exercise in sentiment than a model VW needs alongside Golfs, Polos, Passats etc.

But the new 2012 version is more like a real car than its predecessor apparently and VW’s Canadian agency Red Urban is pulling out all the stops with an innovative ad campaign featuring ‘augmented reality’ posters in Toronto and Vancouver that let you talk to them if your phone or tablet computer is smart enough.

“Previous Beetles have been kind of cute and friendly, but this one has a lot more attitude, so we thought the advertising better live up to that,” says VW Canada marketer Bruce Rosen.

Red Urban president Steve Carli says: “The car is a nod to the past and the future at the same time, so using the AR overlay on a very traditional out-of-home media buy really seemed like a solid conceptual fit.”

And here it all is.

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