VW and DDB London join line-up of world class ads at the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is highlighting some terrific commercials including this one for Volkswagen from DDB London. Among other things it shows the power of music, in this case a version of the Beach Boys’ seminal ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ from 1966 by Italian musician Tiziano Lamberti.

‘WIBN’ is arguably the high point of ‘innocent’ 1950s and early ’60s clean-cut, US pop, after it the Beach Boys toppled into drugs and sex and all that complicated other stuff.

Here’s a YouTube version of the original (the one with actual moving Beach Boys is disabled, presumably by those miserable so-and-so’s at Universal Music):

Well it’s New Zealand and France in the final next weekend and, presumably, there’ll be some more great ads. UK broadcaster ITV needs to persuade retailer Argos’s media agency to take its boring price cut ads out of the show though. It does rather let the side down.

And commiserations to Wales and sent-off captain Sam Warburton. Whatever ref Alain Rolland and his IRB masters say about the ‘letter of the law’ regarding dangerous tackles, he could easily have given Sam a yellow card and got on with the bloody game. He wasn’t trying to kill the guy.

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