Social media is driving the global business to business market says new GlobalWebindex report

Researcher Trendstream’s GlobalWebIndex has released its first detailed look at the social media behaviour of business to business decision makers, Social Strategy for B2B Marketing 2011.

Based on interviews with 17,425 decision makers in 27 markets from July 2009 to June 2011, the report reveals that B2B decision makers are the most socially active consumers for all markets and demographics, demonstrating how fundamental social media has become to B2B marketing.

As of June 2011, global figures show that:
•39% of decision makers globally had used a micro-blog in the last month versus 22% for the average internet user,
•60 per cent of decision makers had used a social network versus 50 per cent for the average internet user
•69 per cent had reviewed a product or service in the past month versus 54 per cent for the average internet user
•57per cent posted in a forum in the past month versus 38 per cent for the average internet user
•41per cent have written a blog versus 26 per cent for the average internet users

B2B decision-makers stand out most in developed markets: B2B decision makers stand out from consumer behaviour in developed markets. In developing markets such as China they are still more active than the norm but the gap is significantly smaller.

The report shows that for businesses that operate and sell in the US, UK, Germany or any other high penetration internet market the need to focus marketing and sales through social media is even more vital. The figures for using a micro-blogging service are:

USA: 15 per cent compared to seven per cent of the internet population; Germany: eight per cent compared to four per cent of the internet population, UK: 19 per cent compared to nine per cent of the internet population and China 55 per cent compared to 48 per centof the internet population

The report concludes that social media has become the most influential B2B communication in most markets outstripping even face-to-face meetings, conferences, client entertaining and traditional trade advertising.

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