Rugby World Cup is missing a gem of an ad from William Lawson’s

What a shame Bacardi-Martini didn’t bring back this William Lawson’s ad from 2000 for this year’s Rugby World Cup. Confronting those haka-mad Kiwis with some vintage Braveheart would have been just the ticket. Even better if Scotland had qualified for a quarter final against New Zealand (as they should have).

Apropos website howlers (see Mail Online Alexandra Knox story) there’s a long-running rugby-related one here from the Telegraph.

It gives Sunday Telegraph rugby writer Paul Ackford’s England debut as 1998, which would have made it difficult for him to play for the Lions in 1989 and in the World Cup final for England in 1991 (both of which he did). And he’d have been 40 by the time he made said debut.

Don’t they read these things?

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