Mother New York takes on the taboos with new spot for Kraft’s Sour Patch Kids

With a video that YouTube says isn’t suitable for children (even though Sour Patch Kids is supposedly a kids’ candy brand) and a bit of bleeped out bad language from rapper front man Method Man.

So we can presume that this spot from Mother New York (three minutes and a bit long anyway) isn’t intended to run on network TV.

One-time stuffy old FMCG company Kraft has been trying a number of new agencies on some of its smaller brands and clearly isn’t afraid to court controversy. Droga5’s spot for Athenos also rattled a few cages.

What will they come up with next? Naked Mac and Cheese?

Sour Patch Kids is made by putting a ‘sour sanding’ around the candy. It used to be a Cadbury brand before Kraft bought the UK chocolate maker. Fans of strange manufacturing processes can find out some more here.

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