Mail Online publishes wrong verdict in Amanda Knox murder case

Embarrassing or what? For half an hour yesterday Mail Online, the Daily Mail’s website, published the wrong verdict in the Amanda Knox (pictured) murder case, namely that she had lost her appeal.

The article also purported to describe the glee of delighted prosecutors, who weren’t delighted at all of course as the appeal trial revealed that the prosecution evidence in the first case that secured the conviction of Knox and her boyfriend in an Italian court shouldn’t have been let through the door.

Newspapers sometimes take a flyer when they have to go to press (although not with murder verdicts surely) but for a website to do it is beyond belief.

High-flying Mail Online editor Martin Clarke will no doubt have had an interesting discussion with Mail papers editor in chief, the redoubtable Paul Dacre. They’re probably replacing the glass in the Mail’s office on London’s Kensington High Street at this very moment.

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