Is AMV’s Twinings ad a case of too much X Factor and Simon Cowell?

Advertising seems to be becoming an adjunct to the music business these days (soupy ballads by seeming preference although there are exceptions) and this ad for Twinings from AMV/BBDO is certainly no exception.

It’s all beautifully done, as you’d expect with production wizards Psyop on the case, but where’s the tea? I guess the theory is that if you like the tune and the Japanese-ey animation you’ll like the brand.

This one, which came out in the summer for Colman’s new rival to Bisto gravy from Karmarama and Aardman (another exception) works a bit harder.

Maybe the soupy ballads are the curse of Simon Cowell. He may have cleared off to the US but his taste in music haunts us still (the Twinings ad debuted in the X Factor). That man’s got a lot to answer for.

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