Interbrand names 2011’s 100 best brands (this time Apple makes the top ten)

And here they are (in billions of dollars) according to the big brand consultancy:

1/Coca-Cola (71.8); 2/IBM (69.9); 3/Microsoft (59); 4/Google (55.3), 5/GE (42.8), 6/McDonald’s (35.6); 7/Intel (35.2); 8/ Apple (33.5), 9/Disney (29), 10 Hewlett-Packard (28.5).

These things are measured by a mixture of financial performance and brand considerations although it’s hard to see why Apple (which failed to make the top ten entirely last year) is only worth $10bn more than struggling Hewlett-Packard and a mere tenth of its stock market value.

Anyway the full Interbrand report is here and jolly interesting it is too.

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