Here’s Nokia’s Microsoft-fuelled answer to iPhone – and a decent debut from surprise agency Inferno

One-time world mobile phone leader Nokia has a lot of catching up to do after abandoning its Symbian smartphone technology in favour of a deal with Microsoft and its new Windows ‘Mango’ rival to iPhone and Android.

It also abandoned, in the UK at least, Wieden+Kennedy in favour of indie marketing agency Inferno, not an equal match you would have thought. And a hell of a risk with a life-changing launch coming up.

But Inferno’s first effort, for the Lumia 800 phone to be launched at the end of November, isn’t bad.

Why is it advertising so far in advance of being able to sell the things?

Just to stay in the smartphone game presumably, Nokia is already miles behind although its cut-price standard phones are selling well outside Western Europe and the US.

It will be a miracle if Inferno manages to hang on to the business as the big networks try to muscle in on it. But it’s a creditable start.

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