Here’s a brilliant new BBH ad for Lynx (silent version, there seems to be a row about the music)

There is indeed a music row of sorts going on over the sound track of Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s latest ‘Even angels will fall’ ad for Lynx.

So the one now on YouTube (below) is silent.

At the time of writing there was one with noise here.

This is most unlike BBH, the wizards of the ad backing track.

The first Lynx ‘angels’ ads seemed a bit fey but this one is really funny (if you can hear it). The tune at issue is Monkee Mike Nesmith’s ‘Different drum’ from 1966 and the vocal seems to be by the always fascinating Linda Ronstadt.

There’s a live version on YouTube too but the band is awful.

Anyway, it will doubtless be sorted out once a music publisher or three (not big fans of BBH) have been fixed (cash only, please).

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