Accountancy firm BDO turns to TV campaign to challenge the big four

BDO, a network of accountants scattered across the globe, is the fifth largest after the ‘big four’ – KPMG, PWC, Ernst & Young and Deloitte – which dominate the auditing of big global companies and, consequently, the much more lucrative consultancy work that goes with it.

BDO celebrates its centenary next year and is celebrating with a TV campaign from indie New York agency Seiter & Miller that tries to make the business of accountancy (or accountant-based consultancy) interesting. Wisely, in these two ads anyway, it doesn’t show any accountants. There’s at least one muppet in this one though.

And a rather fetching Julia Roberts lookalike in this one (bet she’s not the exec who rings a BDO partner at midnight).

Well it’s hardly likely to trouble the scorers in next year’s awards competitions but it might resonate with some younger company managers who don’t see why their choice of auditor is just one from four.

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