Twitter in trouble over New York earthquake ad debut

Creatives are brilliant at coming up with brilliant ideas that shape current events to their client’s marketing message.

So when someone suggested to Twitter that it should make its ad debut with this understated spot about the earthquake that hit New York and other bits of the East Coast it probably seemed a good idea (to the creatives at least).

But the wise client thinks about it for a few hours, even though everybody else thinks he or she is being boring.

Especially if he knows that Hurricane Irene is on the way too.

Even more so if, like Twitter, you find yourself dragged into big events through no fault of your own, like the recent London riots for example.

Anyway here’s what they came up with.

Well it’s fine isn’t it? But people with the ability to make a lot of media noise will make a lot of media noise and so Twitter is taking a kicking in the US of A.

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