Sir Martin Sorrell on why we must all pay for content in this difficult ‘old’ world

He’s said it before of course but here he is, the colossus of WPP (looking very natty in shorts I must say) hammering home his message that media owners are mad not to charge for content.

He was speaking at WPP’s annual Stream conference near Athens this year (I wonder if he gave the embattled Greek government any advice on its debt problems).

In other conference musings he is reported by his new best friend the Huffington Post to have remarked that “the game was over” for developed Western economies in relation to the soaraway Far East, South America and even Africa unless the West discovered ‘leadership, leadership and leadership’ in double quick time.

This all sounds a bit worrying but Sir Martin has always known the power of a decent soundbite or five. Considering his gloomy prognosis he seems remarkable relaxed about the whole thing.

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