Sainsbury’s plots major relaunch with new ad line ‘live well for less’

UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s doesn’t change it’s ad slogan very often – for years it was ‘good food costs less at Sainsbury’s’ and in recent years it’s been ‘try something new today’ – but now it’s planning a trip back to the future with ‘live well for less.’

The new line is part of a relaunch of the company’s 6,000 or so own brand products, following in the footsteps of similar programmes at Asda and Morrison’s, but it looks likely to be used for all the company’s marketing.

If so it will be a timely ad bonanza for the UK’s leading agency AMV/BBDO which resumed creative duties on Sainsbury’s some years ago after briefly losing the business to M&C Saatchi.

Sainsbury’s recently announced it was splitting with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver who has fronted its ads for ten years and is bowing out in this year’s Christmas campaign. So it needed a new marketing strategy and it looks like it’s got one.

Sainsbury’s under CEO Justin King has performed well in recent years although it is still way behind market leader Tesco which displaced it at the top of the supermarket heap in the 1990s. But, like its peers, it has been squeezed by the UK’s painfully slow recovery (if such it is) from recession with consumers’ seeing their living standards fall sharply as wage increases lag four and a half per cent inflation.

So the emphasis is switching back to price rather than ‘try something today’ which was aimed at persuading shoppers to be more adventurous (and spend more).

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