Now world’s top PR agency Edelman wins Twitter

Twitter has appointed Edelman, the world’s biggest PR network and independently-owned to boot, to try to get its 100m ‘users’ to actually use it.

Apparently half the audience just sits there waiting to hear the latest bon mots from the likes of Piers Morgan or, in the UK, ever-controversial footballer Joey Barton.

This is actually a pretty good brief for Edelman as what all such companies dread is the invitation to use PR to increase users and sales. By and large PR doesn’t and that doesn’t seem to be what’s required here.

But it’s another coup for Edelman, which was recently rated as the world’s biggest PR network by the Holmes Report, with fees of over $500m.

Edelman was set up in the 1920s by Daniel J. Edelman and is now run by his son Richard Edelman (pictured). Richard recently survived a cancer condition. You can find out a bit more about him here.

The job for Richard and his troops is to try to show that Twitter is more than an opportunity for self-serving types to show off and plug their businesses. This might conflict with Twitter’s ad strategy of course.

And to show that, viz the London riots, Twitter isn’t a mechanism to expedite hooliganism and crime.

Achievable? Well, like all user-generated media, Twitter is at the mercy of its users. So a suitably challenging task for the world’s top PR man.

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