Mother chooses a David Attenborough-style hero for Moneysupermarket debut

Agency Mother had quite a hard act to to follow when it won the price comparison website in March (Dare’s last ad was a winner featuring John Prescott) but you can’t go wrong with gorillas these days, as Cadbury and Fallon discovered a few years ago.

The agency’s debut for its new client is a spin on the famous sequence in which BBC wildlife legend David Attenborough cavorted with mountain gorillas.

Here’s the great man himself reminiscing about his most celebrated encounter.

Mother’s line for the campaign is ‘You’re so moneysupermarket’ which doesn’t mean very much but is a decent enough structure to feature lots more would-be heroes.

On a more alarming note I heard the other days that celebrated commercials director Graham Rose has just completed a further batch of films for, thereby dashing hopes that a media agency review might result in the termination of noisy tenor Gio Compario.


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