Manchester United tops Brand Finance list of most valuable football clubs

As you probably expected it would, given that owners the Glazer family are planning to sell a 30 per cent stake in it to Singapore investors at a whole club valuation of between £1bn and £2bn.

So UK researchers Brand Finance’s ‘brand valuation’ of Manchester United at £412m is pretty measly but it still puts it ahead of Real Madrid on £401m and Barcelona (the best team) at £392m.

Here’s the full top ten: 1/Manchester United, £412m; 2/Real Madrid, £401m; 3/Barcelona, £392m; 4/Bayern Munich, £308m; 5/Chelsea, £196m (owner Roman Abramovitch won’t like that very much); 6/Arsenal £188m (ditto Stan Kroenke); 7/ AC Milan, £170m; 8/Inter Milan, £164m; 9/Liverpool, £156m; 10/Juventus, £115m.

Moneybags Manchester City, owned by the mega-rich Abu Dhabi royal family, come in eleventh on £106m, twice last year’s valuation.

Presumably the numbers measure the ability of the clubs to merchandise themselves around the world, although this obviously depends on playing performance, in the Champion’s League particularly. So it wouldn’t be hard to come up with top ten just by working out who qualifies regularly from the Champion’s League group stages.

It’s also interesting to note that Man U’s brand valuation comfortably exceeds its turnover (£331m) and net debt (£308m) but that’s football for you.

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