London agency 101 makes eagerly-awaited debut with French Connection campaign

It seems a long time ago when London’s adland got all excited about the formation of new ad agency 101, the result of a breakaway from Fallon UK led by Laurence Green and Richard Flintham (pictured).

It got even more interesting when Phil Rumbol, the highly-regarded Cadbury marketing director and the client behind Fallon’s famous ‘Gorilla’ ad, decided that life under new owner Kraft wasn’t for him and joined them.

Now 101 has produced its first campaign for founder client French Connection.

Is it any good?

It probably is and might even cause a trademark French Connection stir over the bit where she appears to grab his cojones.

But it’s always amusing when a bunch of middle-aged ad executives take a tour around rapsville. It reminds you rather of Gary Cook, the former Nike exec who’s now CEO of Manchester City and a richly comic figure.

Gary greeted new signing from Arsenal Samir Nasri with a high five and ‘Yo bruvva.’

Anyway London can always use a good new agency or three (actually it’s had quite a lot of promising ones recently).

101’s decision to unveil their talents to the world via Ad Age and sister title Creativity won’t have gone down very well in London’s Haymarketville, publisher of Campaign. Maybe the lads are targeting a New York outpost already.

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