‘Keep Team GB Pumped’ scream Cadbury and Fallon

This looks like a real road crash from Fallon, a partial replacement for its hardly-performing ‘Spots v Stripes’ Olympic campaign, consisting, largely, of shouting at us.

The bellow to action is ‘Keep Team GB pumped,’ which is pretty nasty in its own right, and then we’re all invited to sing a selection of rousing anthems (like the inevitable ‘Simply the best’) to spur our boys and girls to podium glory next year. A number of saddo films are already on YouTube.

Further ads will feature various British Olympic hopefuls, making right arses of themselves by the looks of it.

Maybe Cadbury, now owned by Kraft of course, always intended to follow Spots v Stripes with some Kitchener-esque rabble rousing. Or maybe it’s been cobbled together in a rush to fill all that airtime.

I wonder what former Cadbury marketing director Phil Rumbol and the Fallon refugees at new agency 101 make of it all?

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