It’s another musical trend from BBH, 19th Century operetta for the Audi A6 Avant

Surely creatives Paul Yull and Adi Birkinshaw at Bartle Bogle Hegarty haven’t been watching too many Gio Compario ads?

The agency which has brought us no end of cutting edge modernista music over the years (and profited mightily from some of it through owning the rights) has turned to the delights of waltzmeister Johann Strauss ll’s 1885 operetta The Gypsy Baron and its rousing tune ‘Open road, open sky’ for its new campaign to launch the spruced-up, slimmed down Audi A6 Avant.

There’s a pretty nice metal hummingbird too (so we don’t forget all that Vorsprung durch Technic stuff).

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