Did WPP’s Blue Hive agency play a role in killing off Doug the Ford Focus puppet?

Blue Hive is the WPP agency specially formed to handle the advertising and marketing for Ford’s new Focus. Doug is the annoying orange-coated Kermit-style puppet who appeared as spokesthing for the brand about six months ago. Now, alas maybe, Doug is to be no more with Ford due to announce his demise this week.

Here’s Doug himself (actually this one is quite good).

Doug was not a Blue Hive invention, as far as we know, and agencies just hate anything invented elsewhere. I recall years ago persuading Nestle to launch a Nescafe customer magazine (when such things were all the rage in the UK) only to have the idea brutally stomped on by McCann Erickson for no other reason, as far as I could see in my jaundiced way, that it wasn’t their idea.

Anyway, Doug has done his job according to Ford, with much more web interest than they expected and even a few sales.

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