A ‘wondrous place’ for Carling – ambitious or what?

Carling has had its famous campaigns in the past – most notably ‘I bet he drinks Carling Black Label’ from WCRS – but a common feature has been its positioning as a cheap guzzle for the lads.

But owner Molson Coors recently switched the business from Beattie McGuinness Bungay (who had essayed a spin on the lads theme) to Chime-owned VCCP (or offshoot VCCP Blue, it’s a bit unclear), best known for its ‘Meerkats’ extravaganzas. And VCCP has produced a rather compelling ad ‘Journey to refreshment’ which tries to make the stuff aspirational.

The direction by Walter Stern is good, as is the music, a version of ‘Wondrous Place’ (originally by the resolutely uncool Billy Fury from the 1960s) by Alice Gold. The end line “Brilliantly refreshing’ maybe isn’t so brilliant.

You need to see it three or four times to get it though. So Molson had better have a whopper budget to hand.

On the subject of the eternal beer wars, what do you make of this latest epic from Guinness? It’s for the Rugby World Cup and a bravura piece of film-making. But, in this case, over the top or what?

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    yeah, nice bit of film, but let us not forget it is CARLING they are selling… have you ever drunk it??

    the guinness one is bonkers but it doesn’t matter, a. it’s for guinness, which is actually drinkable. the end shot alone makes you want one.
    and b. its for the world cup and have you seen the state men get into over that? so in that sense not over the top at all, they will love it and be pole vaulting over bars.

  2. Avatar

    “resolutely uncool Billy Fury” – don’t be daft!!

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    How dare you say Billy Fury was resolutely uncool. He could sing and write songs unlike most of the so called popstars of today who constantly do cover versions or mixes of old songs AND most of it is just a noise. I’m only 40 but the old music is the best.n if it wasn’t for Billy Fury this advert wouln’t be using the song. So get a grip and be sensible. Alice Gold has a good voice but is unknown to me and probably many others and wouldn’t be able to sing this song had the fantastic Mr Fury not had a hit with it.