Wieden+Kennedy summons up feelgood factor for Visit Wales

We can all do with a bit of cheering up in the UK at the moment as the human cost of this week’s riots becomes clear (four dead). London agency Wieden+Kennedy found itself on the front line when staff had to scurry around removing bricks and other potential missiles from outside its glass-fronted East London HQ.

Wales, although undeniably beautiful when you can see it through the rain, is hardly synonymous with fun but W+K’s new campaign for Visit Wales lays it on with a trowel (those bricks again) by surprising Ealing resident Piers Bramhall with a free holiday in Wales, sneakily arranged by his girlfriend Emma Foley.

Here’s the first commercial.

And the full Facebook film, including appearances by various Welsh celebs including soccer legend Ian Rush. Digi elements for the campaign are provided by Kitkatt Nohr Digitas.

Actually there’s so much fun it becomes a bit exhausting. Maybe it’s all that champagne. Or is it Welsh sparkling wine?

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