These are America’s most popular brands according to Bloomberg

Bloomberg and its magazine acquisition Business Week have produced their list of America’s most popular brands, based on commercial growth or a surge in popularity (or both) over the past year.

• Actress: Sandra Bullock
• Athlete (Female): Serena Williams
• Athlete (Male): Peyton Manning (NFL quarterback)
• Beverage (Beer): Bud Light
• Beverage (Soda): Coca-Cola
• Beverage (Sports): Gatorade
• Bread: Nature’s Own
• Cable TV Show: MTV’s Jersey Shore
• Car (Electric): Nissan Leaf
• Car (Stolen): Honda Accord
• Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios
• China Import to US: Pulp
• Chocolate: M&Ms
• Cigarette: Marlboro
• Coffee: Nescafe
• Credit Card: Visa
• Department Store: Nordstrom
• Diet: Gluten-Free
• Dress Shirtmaker: Thomas Mason
• E-Reader: Kindle
• Frozen Food: Stouffer’s Chicken Parmesan
• Game System: Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect
• Gum: Orbit
• Hedge Fund: Bridgewater
• Jeans: Levi’s 501
• Laundry Detergent: Tide
• Magazine Cover Subject: Kate Middleton
• Model (highest paid): Giselle
• Mouse: Logitech
• Movie Franchise: Universal’s Harry Potter
• Museum Exhibit: Alexander McQueen at the Met
• Music (album sales): Adele
• Newspaper: The Wall Street Journal
• Pasta: Barilla
• Perfume: Justin Bieber’s Someday
• Pet Food: Nestle Purina’s Fancy Feast
• Philanthropists: Bill & Melinda Gates
• Razor (Female): Gillette Venus
• Restaurant Chain: Five Guys
• Politician: Michele Bachmann (based on Iowa polls)
• Running Shoe (Barefoot): Vibram FiveFingers
• Snack (Bar): Nature Valley Oats’ n’ Honey
• Snack (Cookie): Oreo
• Snack (Potato Chip): Lay’s Classic
• Social Network (Kids): Moshi Monsters
• Sport: NBA
• Surfboard: Dumpster Diver
• Toy: Syma S107 helicopter
• Wine: Moscato
• YouTube channel: Barely Political

Well we just love these tables but goodness knows what they actually mean.

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