Some serious news at last – Britain’s volleyballers rent out digital bums to Betfair

It’s been a funny old week for those British politicians and civil servants who have been left in Whitehall as their masters tried to sun themselves on holiday (they’re back now of course).

But while the riots and stock market crashes were resounding around them the Whitehall crew could at least console themselves with the sight of Britain’s female beach volleyball hopefuls cavorting in nearby St James’s Park.

Now we learn that two such Olympic hopefuls, Zara Dampney (24) and Shauna Mullin (26) have rented out advertising space on their bikini bottoms to online betting firm Betfair.

But this isn’t just an agreeable moving poster, it’s a kind of barcode that directs you to Betfair’s website, so it’s digital and interactive and will no doubt soon have its own Facebook page.

Which is exactly the kind of spirit of enterprise we need in these trying times.

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