London riots force Levi’s to postpone ‘go forth’ campaign rollout into UK

The current fashion for edgy, docmentary-style imagery is particularly popular at Wieden+Kennedy, for Nike and now for Levi’s in its global ‘go forth’ campaign, but sometimes reality has a habit of imitating art, if such it be.

Levi’s has decided to postpone the rollout of the go forth campaign in the UK because of the recent riots in London and other parts of the country because some of the imagery (not much of it as far as I can see) might be like that currently dominating the UK’s news broadcasts.

Actually the riots have been pretty disastrous for a number of brands including BlackBerry and Twitter. On the fashion front they haven’t helped the likes of Nike with pictures everywhere of rioters in designer hoodies, some of which may have been looted.

Top end sports goods retailer JD Sports has also been hit, being the favoured target for fashion-conscious looters.

Time for a return to commercials with nice, law-abiding middle class types?

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