Life gets a lot worse for Piers Morgan as Heather Mills accuses his Daily Mirror of phone hacking

CNN talk show host Piers Morgan has mounted a spirited defence against accusations that he was implicated in phone hacking as editor of the Daily Mirror (and before that as editor of News of the World) but it’s pretty clear from his own utterances in his memoir The Insider and the statements of others that he knew what it was, how to do it and was aware that it was rife in the British tabloid press.

Now an old enemy Heather Mills, once married to ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, has come back to haunt him.

Mills maintains that she was called by a ‘senior figure’ on the Mirror in 2001 (not Morgan, she says) with details of a row between her and then boyfriend Sir Paul that could only have emerged from her phone being hacked.

Mills and Morgan have a bit of previous. He claims to have introduced her to Sir Paul at the Mirror’s 1999 Pride of Britain awards, one of those ghastly cheesy events that the tabloids put on from time to time to try to show they’re at one with the lower orders.

Since then he’s had lost of fun saying in various columns and articles that the worst thing he ever did was introducing the saintly Sir Paul to the awful Mills.

Well now it seems to be payback time for Heather and it’s hard to see how Morgan can escape the gathering storm.

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