Droga5 makes further Kraft gains as it displaces Patterson and Ross in Australia

Droga5, originally from Australia but now also one of New York’s hottest, has made further inroads into the global Kraft business with the appointment to handle Cadbury brands Boost, Cherry Ripe and Picnic in Oz.

Long-serving Aussie agencies George Patterson/Y&R and The Ross Partnership have been dumped.

Droga5, led by creative Dave Droga found its way onto Kraft’s roster earlier this year as Kraft appointed a number of new agencies including Crispin Porter+Bogusky and Martin to look after, among others, its neglected or orphan brands.

One of the dangers of such a move for a big, established company like Kraft is that the newbie agencies will frighten the horses and Droga did just that with this campaign for Athenos, which mentions the hitherto dreaded word ‘prostitute.’

It doesn’t seem to worry Kraft (although it exacerbated some vocal Americans). Maybe it shifted a lot of hummus.

The big one for all Kraft’s agencies is the future of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk brand, currently at Saatchi & Saatchi. Kraft is in the process of splitting into two companies, one based around Cadbury and other confectionery products, the other on its traditional prepared foods lines.

Worryingly for Saatchi, Droga now has a foot in both camps.

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