WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell outlines his next steps to world domination

WPP CEO, head of the world’s biggest marcoms group, has given a fascinating interview to Brand Republic’s Arif Durrani in which he outlines the group’s strategy and what he thinks of his competitors (apparently Interpublic’s HR director, whoever that may be, devotes his life to nicking WPP staff).

And all very logical it is too.

But Sorrell is the classic left brain person, although he’s very creative in business in terms of the deals he does.

He doesn’t really understand how creative people work, why they often seem mad, why they resist structures and logic. Maybe John Wren at Omnicom and Maurice Levy at Publicis don’t either but you suspect they give Andrew Robertson at BBDO and Kevin Roberts at Saatchi a bit more leeway than Sorrell’s managers get.

Next week we have an extract from BBH’s Sir John Hegarty’s book Hegarty on Advertising which comes pretty close to explaining how creativity works in advertising, and why it’s so damned difficult.

I suspect Sir Martin wouldn’t agree with what Sir John has to say.

Anyway the Brand Republic interview is worth reading and Sir Martin is one of the wonders of the age.

In an earlier life he was financial director of Saatchi & Saatchi when it was run, manically, by Charles and Maurice (for that, read Charles).

Maybe he still bears those creative scars.

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