World wakes up to our Piers Morgan phone hacking wake-up call as MPs demand to question him

And, to be fair, political blogger Guido Fawkes (aka Paul Staines) has gone a significant stage further with his story that the Daily Mirror hacked into Ulrika Jonnson’s voicemail to reveal her affair with England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson back in 2002 (the story won the British Press Award’s ‘scoop of the year’ award in 2003).

Now there are calls for Piers Morgan, editor of the Mirror at the time and now Larry King’s replacement as CNN talk show host, to be summoned before MPs to explain himself.

Morgan, as we wrote back in June, had employed the services of villainous private eye Jonathan Rees in his time at the Mirror and, as a former News of the World editor, would have known all the rules of this (illegal) game.

Morgan won’t be the only member of Fleet Street’s finest, past and present, to find himself hauled before the UK’s outraged legislators but, as a big noise in the US, he will be the highest profile journalist.

He will doubtless say in private (he may even Tweet it but, then, maybe not) that everybody was up to it. He has, to his credit, come out in support of former NoW editor Andy Coulson, a former colleague, although he’s been careful not to say anything too specific.

Actually we quite like Piers (although we wish he wouldn’t plug his CNN show so remorselessly in his Mail on Sunday column). And he would no doubt give the Parliamentary inquisitors an entertaining run for their money.

The really shocking thing about this particular instance is the fact that Sven and Ulrika’s affair (surely a private matter, albeit an amusing one for the rest of us) was deemed to be the British press’s ‘scoop of the year.’

Must have been a dry old year for investigative journalism.

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