Wieden+Kennedy New York dresses Heineken Light in snakeskin for its debut campaign

Which is a bit of a hostage to fortune before you’ve even started.

Anyway, W+K Amsterdam has nabbed the $400m global Heineken lager account and now New York, recently fortified with lots of new hirings from Y&R and other places, has unveiled its first campaign for Heineken Light.

And it’s a bit ‘Open Your World-ish.’

It’s not one to startle the horses (or engage next year’s film jurors at Cannes). But sometimes it’s better to start with something fairly conservative and build on it.

But have they considered the snakeskin lobby?

I’m sure the brief said ‘make this different’ and it does.

What would be really different, of course, would be a beer ad that described what the stuff tastes like.

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