That was the (former News International boss) Rebekah Brooks that was

News International CEO Rebekah Brooks resigned today, as we forecast she would have to do weeks ago.

The unfortunate Mrs Brooks, one of PM David Cameron’s closest chums, now faces a formidable monstering by serried politicians (next Tuesday, for starters), rival journalists and people who just don’t like her or her ultimate boss News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch.

At the moment News Corporation is like the Titanic post-iceberg, except it’s not women and children first into the lifeboats, it’s chuck anyone overboard who’s not called Murdoch.

Here’s rival the Daily Telegraph’s take on it all.

Poor Rebekah, who just a few days ago was Rupert Murdoch’s publicly announced number one priority, is now out on her own.

And it’s a cold and horrible place to be.

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