Recollections of Cleveland’s very own Mad Man, Marc Wyse

Marc Wyse, who founded Cleveland agency Wyse Advertising with wife and star copywriter Lois, has died aged 88.

He seems to have been a character straight out of Central Casting (Mad Men branch) according to this tribute, moving from selling ice creams for his dad to promoting Cleveland businesses like Sherwin-Williams paints and retailer Smucker’s – “With a name like Smucker’s it has to be good.”

“Marc Wyse was one of the main reasons why Cleveland advertising was such a power industry, particularly during the ’60s and ’70s,” said Rick Squire, former executive director of the Cleveland Advertising Association.

“He did so many things for companies’ products that his name is synonymous with advertising and Cleveland. No one refused to take his calls, and in return, he never refused to take others’ calls. He was so revered and feared at the same time. He was an advertising icon in his time and made his company one of the better known agencies in the country.”

Apparently Wyse (Don Draper would love this) had so many suits he gave ten of them a year to his Hungarian gardener.

That’s style (and a remarkably well-dressed gardener no doubt). In Cleveland too.

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