New Levi’s marketing chief Rebecca Van Dyck sends W+K’s ‘go forth’ campaign global

New Levi’s marketing boss Rebecca Van Dyck has put her stamp on the company’s marketing already by deciding to send Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘go forth’ campaign around the world.

We’ve yet to see a new global TV ad but here’s one of the first ones from the US campaign, focussing on the rust belt town of Braddock in Pennsylvania.

Levi’s has put some money into the town (although it doesn’t make jeans there).

Van Dyck worked at W+K Portland on Nike before she went on to make her reputation as a client at Apple. So expect something big and bold from the agency as she tries to make Levi’s stand for something again, which it hasn’t really for years.

As for W+K it’s becoming the thinking client’s agency of choice for global campaigns. And making a bit of a habit of plugging social renewal in the US, as in the recent Super Bowl Eminem Chrysler ad.

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