‘Frozen pants’ Jean-Claude van Damme enters the beer battle for Coors Light

All this beer stuff is getting interesting, the world’s finest agencies striving to outdo each other with wacky (sometimes funny) campaigns to try to persuade young drinkers that it’s worth paying a premium for image, let alone what’s in the bottle or tap.

Now London’s VCCP, one of the big successes in the UK since it was bought by Lord Bell’s Chime Communications, has entered the fray on behalf of Molson Coors.

And, unusually, it even has brand spokesman Jean-Claude van Damme, Mr Frozen Pants himself, saying something about the beer (it’s “the world’s most refreshing” he tells us).

It will be interesting to see how VCCP develops this (it can’t keep him up the Rockies for ever, frozen pants or not). Heineken agency Wieden+Kennedy and Stella Artois’ Mother are both very good good at developing and therefore extending campaigns, something of a lost art these days.

But you suspect that Chime is a good environment for a creative agency, Lord Bell (who was managing director of Saatchi & Saatchi in its creative heyday) likes a good, old-fashioned ad and knows that the best way to produce them is to leave those crazy people in the creative department to their own devices.

The only thing that’s worth saying to them is: “is it ready yet?”

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