Visit Britain rolls out £100m tourism campaign – but where’s that budget coming from?

Well here it is, the much-advertised £100m ‘You’re invited’ Visit Britain global campaign designed to attract more tourists to these (currently) sodden shores.

Just at the moment London is heaving with tourists, mostly school parties from Europe it seems who can finally afford more than starvation rations thanks to the weakening pound. But apparently the UK has dropped to number six in the global destination stakes and something has to be done.

It’s not a bad ad from M&C Saatchi as there clearly wasn’t much of a production budget and anything radical would have have provoked serried MPs and the Daily Mail. The choice of celebs seems to cover the field for what is clearly a middle-aged target audience (actors Judi Dench, Rupert Everett and Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel, Twiggy and Jamie Oliver).

But how come it’s a £100m campaign? As far as we know the Government is putting up a bit of money and then the rest is to be contributed by companies like British Airways and Amex.

But £100m, even over four years? Under the coalition government? Pull the other one.

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